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Consistently ahead in knowledge and ability


We meet the oftentimes complex demands of our clients from the cultural sector, retail business and industrial brands with premium support, maximum reliability and outstanding quality.

Our technical expertise, cutting-edge machine park, expansive manpower and long-standing experience build the foundation for continuous improvement.


Competence squared

As a family-owned company we greatly value direct contact and personal availability. Brothers Daniel and Joel Oschatz embody our principles of courteous service, competent consultation and high reliability as joined CEOs.


High Performance Team

Innovative work processes do not evolve automatically. They are the result of constant tweaking the way experts from different areas work together. At Oschatz we have qualified and motivated project managers, consultants, designer, technicians, logisticians and POS fitters all working together as a team in order to achieve peak performance.


Master of evolution

Thanks to many of our client’s challenging projects we are evolving continuously. Founded 1922 as a photo studio, shop and film development laboratory, we now are an innovative full-service partner for sophisticated graphic productions and an established partner for major retail brands. Building on over 90 years of experience, we confidently tread towards the future.



Our internal workflow and printing processes are designed to save resources and help building a sustainable future. Thanks to the power generated by our own solar system we print nearly CO₂ neutral and avoid excess production through customized prints and packaging. When combined with the continuous expansion of our eco-friendly range of materials and certified inks, we contribute our share to fighting climate change.

5,000 sqm

Production Space

80+ sqm

Major Projects/Year

200+ sqm

Printer Output / Minute




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One of our contact persons will personally assist you with any questions and can provide advice regarding your project.
We guarantee transparency throughout the production process, peak performance and premium-quality print products. 

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