A journey to ancient Greece

Graphic production for Mycenae, Baden State Museum

The Baden State Museum is currently presenting a large special exhibition about Mycenaean Greece. More than 400 important archeological artefacts are on display and staged graphically at the Karlsruhe Palace. The accompanying texts and wall graphics are made up of intricate and lavish foil plots. The reconstructed Lions’ Gate is surrounded by a wall imitation, whose wooden surface is given a lively contour through foil plots so it blends in with the overall picture. The stunning highlight is a reconstructed throne room as would be found in a typical Mycenaean palace. The room with a fire pit and throne at the center, has walls, ceiling and floor covered seamlessly with wallpaper. The close to perfect illusion is heightened by a backlit banner of a roof window with a view of blues skies with clouds.

Project details

Direct Print on Wallpaper

Direct Print on Foil / Laminating

Direct Print on Textile

Foil Plots

On-site Mounting

Photos: Josephine Voß
Design: res d

Printed fabric suspended from the ceiling, create a 3D-effect.

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