Mario Testino

Undressed / Newton Foundation, Berlin

World-famous photographer Mario Testino asked us to once again produce one of his exhibitions. We printed 50 larger-than-life sized motives on fleece wallpaper and mounted them on-site. The images, which depict models in different stages of undressing, were fitted floor to ceiling and up into all corners directly on the walls of the three exhibition halls. The exceptional presentation creates the impression of a walk-through magazine or open bookwhich, through its spectacular oversize, tones down the intimacy of the photographed persons’ nudity.

Project details

Area: 500 sqm

UV-Print on Fleece Wallpaper

On-site Mounting

Photos: Gerhard Gassner

Design: Büro Testino

The precise mounting of the wallpapers, especially in the corners up at the ceiling, was a challenge which our most experienced fitters mastered with know-how and a steady hand. No time for distractions!

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