National Museum for Archaeology Chemnitz

The SMAC spectacularly stages 300,000 years of human and cultural history on three floors on a total of 3,000 square meters. The entire evolution of civilization can be discovered – starting with humans as part of the natural world, then depicting them slowly turning their surroundings into a rural landscape which they finally shape into our modern cultivated landscape. Around 6.200 objects are staged in an extraordinary exhibition design to document and accentuate this cultural-historical development. Oschatz was in charge of the entire range of graphic production.

Project details

Highlights: 2,50x27,0 m Light Boxes with seamless Textile Stretch Print,

3,000 sqm Floor Graphics, painted on the floors according to a template,

1 Full Year of Production and Installation

Photos: Michael Jungblut

Design: Atelier Brückner

One of the more complex objects to produce were the so-called “panel animals” – three-dimensional exploded-view drawings in real life size, consisting of printing and foil plots on glass panels arranged in a staggered fashion. Placed between actual stuffed specimens from the ice age, these purely graphical reconstructions appear quite sculptural.

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