The World Poet

Kunsthalle Schweinfurt

Marking the 150th memorial year of Friedrich Rückert, life and work of the Schweinfurt born poet, linguist and orientalist could be experienced with all senses in a Rückert-Cosmos. The concurrence of multiple aspects is graphically translated into texts and images that are printed directly on museum carton. Some of the cartons are used classically as passe-partouts within picture frames, some are hung frameless on the wall, some sit freely on display cases. The circumferential beveled edge together with the chamois finish of the material transport a nostalgic look with a perfect printed image.

Project details

Area: 180 sqm

Direct Print on Museum Carton

Textile Stretch Print

Contour Cutting

Printing on Pillow Cases and Fitted Covers

Game Bricks

On-site Fitting

Photos: Anja Köhler

Design: SPACE4

The circumferential beveled edges of the museum carton required a changed operational sequence – as the milling machine is unable to cut a 45 degree angle, the cartons had to be ordered pre-cut to format and printed one by one instead of jointly.

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