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Intelligent layout adaptions: Oschatz is a premium partner of

True-to-size adaptions of complex motifs in line with large-scale advertising campaigns have always required laborious work from trained professionals. As of now, this is a thing of the past. With’s intelligent, cloudbased technology, required files can be created fast, cost-efficient and branding compliant – anywhere and anytime. The acceleration of production is significant, especially during seasonal swapping cycles. 

Additionally, with, the design verification process becomes considerably more efficient. Design guidelines are kept and maintained centrally within the tool, making the compilation and distribution of design manuals obsolete. Validation of branding guidelines for global implementation must only be completed once. Later adaptions conform to the definitions automatically.  

Oschatz Visuelle Medien is a premium partner of the emergent German Start-Up Therefore, our clients benefit from exclusive access to this novel technology. 

  1. Brand conform adaptions
  2. Quality according to established printing standards
  3. Support & quality control due to premium partnership
  4. 24/7 ordering possible, dispatch within minutes
  5. Straightforward data transfer
  6. Low costs per adaption

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