Lindt Home of Chocolate


The Lindt Home of Chocolate opened 2020 in Kilchberg near Zurich. As a multimedia museum of chocolate, it presents chocolate in all its facets, to be experienced with all senses – tasting "Schoggi" explicitly welcomed.

The kick-off to the interactive chocolate tour is a 9.30 meter high chocolate fountain. From its seemingly featherlight construction a constant stream of real liquid chocolate flows down along the famous Lindt whisk into an oversize Lindor truffle. Our fitting team applied the Lindt lettering on the outside of the fountain using negative stencils. Inside the fountain, underneath the voluminous truffle, a panel made of acrylic glass was printed resembling “chocolate circles” diverging from the sphere.
During the tour visitors are guided through many different thematic areas. At the presentation of a ghanese cacao plantation, information about growing and harvesting cocoa beans is exhibited on lighted back walls made of printed acrylic glass. Throughout the entire exhibition triggerpoints for audioguides displaying the whisk symbol guide visitors through the areas. These key elements were produced by adhering back-printed acrylic glass to white acrylic glass to form a sandwich, which was then bolted together with an intricate milled screw top for easy mounting.
To achieve the authentic impression of oversized Lindor truffles wrapped in packaging film, our fitters applied several steps on-site: The truffles ends were outfitted with printed transparent foil which was then shaped, the fiberglass balls clad in printed chrome mirror foil were decorated with cut flower ornaments and finally the compounds were pressed and fixed to the balls with double-sided adhesive tape.

Project Details

Project: Lindt Home of Chocolate

Location: Kilchberg, Switzerland

Opening: 2020



Photos: Michael Reiner

Graphic Production

Acrylic audio guide trigger points

Printed acrylic glass

Self-adhesive film cuts

Printed chrome mirror film

3D illuminated letters of acrylic glass

Printed transparent film

On-site assembly

The pre-produced elements of the spheres were shaped, combined and adjusted on site - true customization !

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