TCS Roadshow

Swiss city tour

Marking the 125th anniversity of the largest swiss mobility club, the Touring Club Suisse (TCS) stopped by several swiss towns last year with more planed in 2022. The roadshow’s anniversary programme offers music and entertainment alongside interesting facts about mobility and road safety. To this end, four portable containers were turned into walk-in exhibitions, which playfully convey visual and audiotive information about the TCS. Each container adresses a different topic.

The first theme space gives the visitor an overview of the TCS’s history, traveling through different decades by means of a timeline. A graphic map of the club’s chapters which are dispersed throughout Switzerland, was produced as a print on self-adhesive foil and mounted onto the wall paneling by our fitters.
The second container features club members from all-over-the-world who talk about their experiences with the TCS and how the club is active on their behalf. Each of the long sides is covered by a a 5.7 x 2.4 meter big lightbox graphic. The unusual back-lit cutouts on the floor are covered by walkable glas which we outfitted with anti-slip, yet fully transparent, protective laminates.
The third theme space illustrates the importance of lights and reflectors in the dark on bicycles as well as pedestrians by simulating a crossroad at night. A nightly city skyline is made very realistic with 3D-silhouttes of passer-byes, such as a person with a stroller. The silhouettes are complemented by cut-out letters of reflective foil which present answers to the question “Did you know that…?”.
The fourth container finally offers a forecast into the future of mobility – how infrastructure and urban planning might develop and which role drones could play.

Project Details

Project: TCS Roadshow

Location: Switzerland

Customer: ExpoTec

Agency: Bellprat Partner

Photos: Josephine Voß

Graphic Production

Self-adhesive foil plots

Self-adhesive reflective foil 

Digital print on textile


Protective laminates 

Milled 3D-silhouettes

Accurately cut-out and printed 3D reflecting graphics made of aluminum composite panels form the silhouettes of road users.

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