CUR!O Reinhold Würth Innovation Center


The CUR!O Reinhold Würth Innovation Center at the headquarters in Künzelsau is another building block ensuring the Würth Group’s future. Here, specialists from various disciplines work together on product and system innovations, fostering exchange and innovation, thus shortening research and development cycles. As the name Curio implies, the guiding principle at this new site is curiosity.

In the 900 sqm foyer, this core idea is presented as 3D lettering made of two-tone lacquered acrylic glass in various languages as part of the Curio statement on the wall.

In the rear part of the light-flooded foyer, a 35-meter-wide visual display spans two walls. This optical highlight consists of three overlapping layers of acrylic glass elements, reaching heights of up to 5 meters and creating different "cityscapes." The 1 cm thick, satin-finished, and contour-milled panels are printed with illustrations that depict Würth's diverse fields of activity in a kind of hidden picture puzzle. Well-placed interruptions in the visual display, along with varying heights and distances, create a balanced composition. The generous spacing between the rows of city and landscape panoramas gives the backdrop a particularly deep and three-dimensional appearance. To minimize disruption to the illusion while preserving the matte, velvety look, the acrylic glass panels were printed on the front and covered with white foil on the back. The mounting and spacer brackets attached to the back are thus concealed.

Concise texts on SK film mounted on the base provide information related to the fields of activity depicted in the scenes. Integrated screens display short video sequences and animations that provide insights into Würth's product and work environment, seamlessly complementing the surrounding imagery.

Project Details

Project: Permanent exhibition

Location: Künzelsau

Opening: 2022

Exhibition space: 900 sqm

Design firm: Space4

Illustration: Axel Pfänder

Photos: Josephine Voß

Graphic Production

UV direct printing on approx. 180 sqm acrylic glass (contour milled)

Self-adhesive foil plots

Milled acrylic 3D lettering

Assembly on site

The alignment of all components into the pre-installed substructure and the precise installation of all elements on three levels to the desired position along the notches in the base was a challenge due to the weight (up to 60 kg) of the panels. Thanks to our experienced and skilled installation team, this task was successfully accomplished.

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