Mannheim Baroque Palace


The musical heyday of the "Mannheim School" is impressively showcased in the Experience Space of Court Music, a permanent exhibition located in the "Trabantensaal" of Mannheim Baroque Palace. Towards the end of the 18th century one of the largest, most renowned and modern court orchestras in Europe was based in the region of Kurpfalz. The exhibition concept seamlessly blends into the magnificent hall. A closer look reveals that the colors of the room - the pastel tones of the stucco ceiling and the shades of the curtains - are reflected in the exhibition stations. Media stations and impactful graphics quickly unveil why musical innovations and the promotion and training concept surrounding the "Mannheim System" were pioneers and set new standards.

Two display cases are located at the center of the exhibition, showcasing original string instruments from the court orchestra. The respective object labels made of satin-finished self-adhesive sandblast film were carefully applied to the glass of the display cases on-site. Ornate wooden chairs and side tables surround the display cases within a large walkable oval. The chair backrests are outfitted with oval-shaped acrylic glass panels, each featuring a silhouette representing a personality or institution of that time period, along with background information. Its own color is assigned to each thematic section. Almost the entire graphic production consists of double-sided printed opaque acrylic glass. On the front side, the glass was first printed with text and images, then contour cut and finally coated on the back with one of the four station colors. The individual chairs also serve as music stations. Visitors are encouraged to take a seat and listen to the respective music via headphones in a peaceful setting.

Project Details

Project: Permanent exhibition Experience Space Court Music "Mannheim School"

Location: "Trabantensaal" in Mannheim Baroque Palace 

Customer: State Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg

Design firm: SPACE4

Photos: Josephine Voß

Graphic Production

UV direct printing on acrylic glass

Milled quotation holders and leaf books made of acrylic glass

Object labels made of self-adhesive sandblast film

On-site assembly

The quotation holders and leaf booklets, made of milled, satin-finished acrylic glass, were subsequently thermally warped/shaped. Round steel mounting brackets secure the contents of the leaf booklets.

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