St Martin Tower Frankfurt

For their new office space at St Martin Tower in Frankfurt, Elsevier hired us for both graphic production and drafting of the interior decoration. In addition to realizing signage systems and inhouse lettering, we offer needs-based graphic design.
Founded in 1880 as a small Dutch publisher dedicated to the distribution of scientific and medical knowledge, Elsevier has since developed into a modern, international multimedia publishing corporation with headquarters in Amsterdam. The focus remains education, science and healthcare.

The client’s basic visual concept was to use the periodic table to name and color code the meeting rooms. Each of the six rooms was assigned to a chemical element and its color from the atomic spectrum. The tricky task was to identify matching colored transparent foils for the privacy screens and to fit the fixed periodic table on varying glass pane formats so the name-giving element would end up on the door.
In addition to the six branded conference rooms, several doors were outfitted with sandblasted foil, some with all-over prints of famous scientists Ada Lovelace and Dmitri Mendeleev. A prominent company logo behind the reception was made of plotted color foil and milled 3D lettering and positioned on the wall using a stencil.

Project Details

Project: Elsevier Frankfurt site

Location: St Martin Tower Frankfurt

Branch office opening: 2019

Customer: Elsevier B.V.

Design firm: cliffhouse graphic design

Photos: Josephine Voß

Graphic Production

Plots from self-adhesive sandblasted foil

Direct printing on self-adhesive sandblasted foil

Transparent color-foil cuttings from self-adhesive foilr

Milled 3D hard foam lettering

On-site assembly

Alignment of the name-giving chemical element so it would end up on/near the door was rather tricky. It required nearly scientific precision during layout and mounting.

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