Saalburg Roman Fort

Archaeological Park Bad Homburg

Started in 1907 as a reconstruction on the ancient foundations of the former Roman fort, the Saalburg fort has been consistently expanded since 2004 as an Archaeological Park, following the latest research findings. The open-air facility includes administration offices, a research institute and a museum shop as well as the central Limes Information Center and various permanent and special exhibitions. An almost authentic impression of a Roman fort on the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes is offered to the public.

Part of this ongoing expansion are printed aluminum composite, metal and glass panels which are distributed throughout the expansive area offering essential information about the buildings and their functions during Roman times to the visitors right on site. A digital fort guide, initiated by QR codes on some panels, presents eleven multimedia short tours via smartphone for optional in-depth exploration of the topics and can be done in any order. 

A fundamental challenge was how to convey on-site information when the site itself is the exhibit. In order to preserve the authentic impression of being in a roman fort, extensive signage was not an option. Instead, a meaningful and easy-to-read placement of signage and explanatory panels on buildings or excavation sites throughout the grounds was adapted. Concise presentation of information, simple reconstruction drawings and an understated color scheme adapted to the various surfaces now also contribute to the successful fusion of a vibrant educational site with the fascination of the actual excavation site.

Project Details

Project: Explanatory panels and signage system

Location: Saalburg Roman Fort Bad Homburg

Design firm: cliffhouse Grafik Design

Photos: Josephine Voß

Graphic Production

LED direct printing on 25+ aluminum composite and metal panels

Direct printing on 20+ glass panels (ESG safety glass)

Protective laminate

Assembly on site

The majority of the panels are located in the outdoor grounds, so the panels had to be weather-resistant and sealed with a protective coating after printing.

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