Núcleo Arqueológico da Rua dos Correeiros (NARC)


Since its reopening at the end of 2021, the archaeological museum NARC - Núcleo Arqueológico da Rua dos Correeiros in Lisbon has been offering visitors a fresh perspective on the city's diverse settlement phases and 2500 years of history. The exhibition is chronologically organized, covering the Punics era to the early Pombaline era, showcasing a wide array of artifacts. Visitors descend from the ground floor to the excavation site, where historical finds are multimedia-explored using iPads at their original locations.

Vivid animated wall and floor projections are complemented by glass panels printed from behind, along with three-dimensional acrylic lettering. A special multiple printing process with up to 200% ink coverage was used for the up to 2-meter-wide panels in multiple passes. This method ensures that illumination occurs only in the desired areas. For some of the glass panels, white and then black acrylic letters were added in layers directly onto the glass plates. Mounted in front of lightboxes, the accompanying texts and graphics on the panels provide additional information, which is highlighted by the backlighting.

Project Details

Project: Permanent exhibition

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Reopening: 2021


Photos: Giovanni Emilio Galanello

Graphic Production

Back printed glass panels

Milled acrylic 3D letters

An intricate blockout printing process, selectively leaving clear areas on the glass that were meant to be illuminated, makes the text and illustrations on the printed glass panels stand out prominently.

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